A raunchy workplace sitcom set at the struggling "Enchanted Forest Faire," a place with baffling rules all its own, where oversized personalities reign supreme...

Sometimes life gets medieval on your ass.

"A lot of laughs. Great sense of humor, good relationships... I was impressed." ~ David Gordon Green (Prince Avalanche, Pineapple Express) 

"Smart, funny... I laughed my ass off." ~ Rob Thomas (Party Down, Veronica Mars)

"I loved it. When is episode two?" ~ R. Lee Fleming (Friends, She's All That)

Shockya Premieres Ted's "Enchanted Forest Faire" commercial

From our new friends over at Shockya.com, a shout out for Ted and Theodwyne's abandoned attempt at making a commercial for the Enchanted Forest Faire. 

On the upshot, there were no reported injuries or fatalities, and no animals were harmed, with the possible exception of Theodwyne himself.

See the article and video here:


Pardon us... gonna toot our own horn.

Not only was the New York Television Festival an amazing, one of a kind experience, but we were also thrilled and honored to be awarded "Best Writing" in this year's Independent Pilot Competition.  
Many, many thanks to founder Terence Gray and all of the festival coordinators who worked tirelessly to make an absolutely stellar event... not to mention all of the extremely talented creators, actors and producers we met, whose work we enjoyed immensely. Best of luck to you all in keeping these projects alive and thriving!
We'll see you again next year! 


After Party and Encore Screening, 10/21 in NYC

Throwing a little soiree for the show in NYC, and we want to see your beautiful mugs there... 

After our Monday night screening which kicks off the New York Television Festival at Tribeca (see blogpost below), we will be at BROTHER JIMMY'S in UNION SQUARE from 9pm to midnight. Come out and enjoy $3 drink specials, BBQ, a screening of the show... hell, just come get drunk with the creators, how can you top that?

The details are also on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/577412345628788/

Can't wait to see you, New York. We love you. Mwah.

NYTV Festival Screenings!

Tickets are still available for our screenings at Tribeca Cinemas! Come and check out the show that has people talking... 

"Smart, funny... I laughed my ass off!"  ~ Rob Thomas (Party Down, Veronica Mars)

"A lot of laughs. It's got a great sense of humor, good relationships... I was impressed." ~ David Gordon Green (Prince Avalanche, Pineapple Express)

Check out the events here:  http://filmguide.nytvf.com/tixSYS/2013/films/1014